About the Pre-Law Preparatory Academy

The Problem:
Even before the incredible growth in virtual resources for pre-law students spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognized that it was difficult to scale our outreach efforts. At the same time, law school admissions information was becoming increasingly complex. Traditional “pipeline” programs only reach a small number of participants each year, and many are now competitive themselves. Consultants are cost-prohibitive to many, often those who need advising the most. How could we reach the most students, and the students who need this information the most, in the most efficient manner?

The Solution: The solution we developed is the Pre-Law Preparatory Academy, or PLPA. Funded in part by a grant from AccessLex Institute and created by the J.D. Admissions Office at U.C. Berkeley School of Law, PLPA is really two things: 

The first is this website, “Preparing for Law School.” It is a free, online, modular, asynchronous and self-paced pre-law program for individuals considering law school. A constantly evolving and easily updated platform allows us to make adjustments to the content easily. The online and asynchronous modality means anyone considering a J.D. program can get the information they need at no-cost to them. The modular design and self-paced approach lets those considering law school to go straight to the information they want and need. We also made the decision to keep the bar to entry as low as possible; registration for PLPA is not required to access the Preparing for Law School website and resources.

The second component is live, virtual and in-person information and coaching sessions, admissions advising, and peer mentoring. These are only accessible to those who register for PLPA, but these opportunities remain free to participants. We hope to build a cohort structure to support the larger PLPA program.

The Goals: The goal of PLPA is relatively simple: to increase access to reliable information about law school and the application process, particularly for candidates who do not have the means to engage with traditional, in-person pipeline programs or whose undergraduate institutions lack or have limited pre-law advising. By existing as a free, online, asynchronous program that synthesizes materials from various sources and introduces new content and tools, PLPA hopes to equip participants with:

  • A comprehensive and diverse overview of law school and the legal profession;
  • Increased confidence during the application process

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you recommend using this website?

A: We understand that people’s knowledge of law school, the application process, and legal careers varies widely. This website includes both basic, introductory information and more in-depth resources you may explore if you are interested in a particular topic. There is no expectation that you must complete all of the modules in their entirety, so you should feel free to jump around if there are topics that are more or less useful to you.

Q: Do I need to register? What are the benefits of registering?

A: You do not need to register for PLPA if you only wish to access the online resources located on this website. However, registration will allow us to build more tailored and helpful content, report to our grantors, and seek additional funding to support the program. As we expand the program, we will also invite registered participants to attend in-person events and additional programming.