Preparing for Law School

The world needs a new kind of lawyer. People from communities without equal access to legal representation who are highly-effective, creative, and want to make a difference. We want to help them navigate their legal education.

Module 1

Why Law School?

There are lots of ways to lead, advocate, and make change, but only a few ways to bring all those things together. Becoming an attorney is one of them.

In this module, you’ll learn what a U.S. legal education looks like, what you can expect in the first year of law school, what foundational skills and knowledge you’ll develop as a student (and why they matter), how you get hands-on training in law school, and how you can make your legal training interdisciplinary.

Module 1 Overview

Welcome and Overview


Why Law & Why Law School


What is Lawyering (Beyond Arguing)?


Complete the Self-Study Worksheet on Lawyering Skills


What Will You Study? (An Overview of the 3 Years)


Required Coursework


Module 2

Why You? (Yes, You!)

Maybe you’re the first person in your family to go to college, let alone the first to consider law school, but the world needs lawyers like you!

In this module, you’ll learn about others like you who are on the path to becoming lawyers, develop an understanding of the law school application process, uncover how to decide where to apply and what it means to apply strategically, zero in on key components of the application that will tell your story and help law schools say yes, and explore ways to make law school affordable.

Module 2 Overview

Review the Requirements to Apply to J.D. Programs


Being the First (Erwin Chemerinsky)


The State of Diversity in Law Schools (LSAC)


Read About Real People’s Journeys to Law School


Michelle Obama’s Message to First Gen Students for Go College! Now


When it Comes to the Application Process: What are you most excited about? What are you most nervous about?


Module 3

Why Now?

The world is changing fast. Today’s big issues challenge us to come up with even bigger solutions.

In this module, you’ll learn how lawyers use their degrees to effect change in areas like criminal justice, environmental protection, immigration, racial justice, healthcare policy, and scientific advancement. You’ll hear about the journeys of attorneys who came from underrepresented backgrounds and are now judges, policy makers, elected officials, community organizers, and educators.

Module 3 Overview

What is the Bar Exam?


Read the California Bar Association’s Report Card on the Diversity of California’s Legal Profession


Read Tips and Samples for a Legal Cover Letter (Georgetown Law)

Explore and Review A Guide to Government Background Checks (Yale Law)


Types of Lawyers


Take the American Bar Association “Start Your Legal Career” Quiz


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